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Web design and hosting

Smartware can assist you develop your web page.

While we do not host services outselves, we are able to arrange hosting with various companies such as godaddy, melbourne IT, wix and others; also we can arrange the purchase or transfers of any domain names you would like for your business.

The correct hosting package not only provides you with a presence on the web: you also end up with an email address that stands out professionally, unlike businesses that rely on Gmail or Outlook addresses. Each provider offers a range of options as part of their hosting package. We can help you cut through their technical jargon by finding the right hosting package for you.

Once your hosting account is set up, we can then design, upload and manage your website for you. We are willing to design a custom web page for your requirements.

Because our aim is to put the management back into your hands, we supply you with all the usernames and passwords for the day-to-day management of your website. However, if you so desire we are willing to manage it for you: we would only charge you only for the time we actually spend managing the site.

Social media management

Do you need help setting up a Facebook page or a Facebook group? Do you know the difference between them; moreover do you need one or both of them? We can assist you with your social media experience by comparing available options, and then train you how to manage the social media experience yourself. However, if you can’t be bothered, we are able to manage your social media accounts for you.

Why social media?
The correct notion of social media is to engage your audience in a fun loving and 'social' manner: hence the name ‘social media’. Companies that use it only to post updates are not utilising the platform correctly. You need to engage, and sometimes that means going off track by sharing memes and other elements related to your business. When you have a good social media presence, potential customers are able to find you easier online and engage with you.

What platform should I use?
You can choose from several different social media platforms, for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Trip Advisor. We can help you sort out what platform or platforms are best for you.

Once the accounts have been set up, we can teach you how to use them, or else we can manage the accounts on your behalf.

We also offer google street view based virtual tours. Have your on-line visitors explore what you have to offer before they even step foot in your business with a virtual tour.

  • Click here for more information on google street view based virtual tours.

    If we manage the social media accounts for you, we will have regular monthly meetings with you to develop your social media strategy and what sort of content and messages you would like delivered. This may include user generated content from around the web and other material that may be relevant to your business which can be found online and shared.

    PC & network support

    Do you require help in configuring your wireless network for your office or at home, or to install software? Smartware can assist you in all facets of PC and network support.

    Custom software

    Smartware can also assist you with custom written software, including Point of Sale (POS) solutions, custom databases, and website programming.

    General support

    Please feel free to contact us for assistance. We can troubleshoot issues that you may have with software packages such as Word and Excel, as well as arranging professional printing for you.

    If we are unable to perform the work ourselves, we will help you find someone who can, and then project manage the job if required.

    Typically $60 per hour.
    Large complex and ongoing jobs may attact a discount at our discretion.

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