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Smartware offers professional quality services under the R&R Photography banner, in addition to the 360 degree virtual tours described elsewhere on our website.

We perform photographic services for weddings, portraits, promotions, products, and other photographic needs.

Once you have told us your individual requirements, we set about to prepare you with a customised quotation.

Contact us about your photographic needs so we can supply you with a customised quote.

Real Estate Photography

Standard Real Estate Photography (Inside and Outside)
Still photography costs are based on 45 minutes to 1 hour on-site for standard sized properties. This includes multiple images of each room with both wide-angle and standard lenses.
For example a 3 bedroom house would include wide-angle and standard lens shots of all interior rooms, the front and rear of house, side passages, carports, garages, and sheds.
Where appropriate, different angles are used to capture various aspects of rooms and features.
This package will include over 20 photographs being delivered to the agent or the client.
For houses with high ceilings we use a small mini-drone within a protective cage to take images from above. While this enables unique angle shots to be taken, it also reduces the time spent assembling camera poles. (This package does not include exterior drone photography: see below for this.)

Aerial / Drone Based Photography
Drone photography provides an enhanced profile for your listing. Ideal for large parcels of land, a drone captures a unique view of both the house and its surrounds. Drones offer greater flexibility than the traditional mounting poles formerly used to raise the camera.
Drone photography is offered as an additional package to the standard real estate photography package.
Unfortunately, drones cannot be flown in no-fly zones.

Video and 360 Services
I offer both standard video and 360 degree video tour options, as well as 360 degree still images, which are perfect for uploading to social media and YouTube.

Download the Realestate Photographic Information Flyer

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