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When you provide internet access to your customers, are you keen to protect your business from:

  • harmful viruses or hacking;
  • excessive downloads;
  • non-customers accessing your internet?

SmartTimer is an affordable, flexible, and user-friendly internet cafe and wireless hotspot solution.

Smartware wifi based client SmartTimer is able to:

  • direct current and potential customers to your firm's website or dedicated landing page, thereby promoting your products and services;
  • highlight special offers and future events;
  • increase your revenue by charging for internet access; and/or provide free access for your customers.

Wi-Fi solutions

Smartware Wifi Access Point

We offer Wi-Fi solutions for internet cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, accommodation venues, and other small businesses.

Plan 1: General access

This plan enables you to provide free internet to customers who have been issued with a 'code of the day'. Each code is valid for 24 hours from the time it is first used. Subscribers to the plan are emailed a list of access codes each month.

In order to restrict internet usage to within your trading hours, we can adjust the default time setting of the access codes. To ensure that each code expires prior to the beginning of each day's business, you should activate a new one immediately upon opening up.

We include laminated signage that is branded to your business.

Set-up: $160
Ongoing: $40 per month

Plan 2: Single user voucher access

If you prefer to sell internet access to your customers, the single user voucher access plan is the one for you.

This plan restricts access to those provided with an individual access code. Because access is restricted to one or two devices, you are able to exercise increased control over access to your internet.

Your customers need to purchase a prepaid voucher from your front desk, and then enter the access code onto the login screen. When the prepaid time credit has expired, the customer is locked out.

Because vouchers are supplied with pre-loaded time credit in blocks of one hour's duration, your employees no longer need to learn how to manage vouchers. We recommend intervals of 1 hour, 2 hours, and 24 hours, although longer durations can be chosen.

Vouchers are supplied in a PDF file, with each page containing 25 vouchers branded to your business. You can print these out, and then cut them up as required.

Not only that: if your business is located within the Cairns region, we can supply your vouchers in pre-printed perforated sheets: all you need to do is tear off a voucher for each customer.

A minimum order of 500 vouchers is required.

We include laminated signage that is branded to your business.

Set-up: $160
Ongoing: $30 per month + access codes

Smartware Wifi Access Vouchers

PC/Desktop solutions

Smartware PC based client

While most people nowadays require Wi-Fi access for their own tablets, smart phones, and laptops, we still provide a PC based access solution for those without their own device, and/or to provide other services such as word processing and printing.

Simplicity is the key

Simplicity is the key element in the design of our software. On your customised login screen, only customers with a valid access code are able to access the computer. For the benefit of your business, we provide features such as SmartTimer's one touch security set-up; also the ability to remotely monitor all usage 24/7.

Prepaid service

Prepaid access is easily controlled by the SmartTimer client program installed on your PCs. No additional hardware/software is required. Users simply enter a valid access code to gain access. When the prepaid time credit expires, the user is automatically logged out and the PC returns to the login page. The benefits of this system include:

  • a no-fuss fully automated product;
  • external verification of every login, thereby preventing staff fraud;
  • no need for server hardware/software at your business;
  • access code recharging, via Smartware's web portal; and
  • real time online statistical reports.

Set-up: $100
Ongoing: $8 per month per PC plus access codes
Discounts apply for larger sites.

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